Brad Temkin - Rooftop

My view of the world is that of a “good” place (rather than evil), and the notion of human presence, and our impact – or imposition on our environment runs throughout my career as an artist.

I began the series "Rooftop" in 2009, which addresses what some urban pioneers are doing to mitigate the consequences of non-renewable consumption. “Rooftop” brings attention living architecture, and the positive effects it has on global warming by countering the heat island effect, storm water control, and our carbon footprint. I juxtapose busy skylines, representing our growth at the expense of natural resources, alongside adjacent buildings with plantings, which become elevated landscapes representing the judicious reintroduction and growth of nature.

I like to think that we do things instinctively, and as we find solutions to the simple things like landscaping our surroundings with a garden, we "stumble" upon and discover solutions to serve greater purpose, such as cleaning up the environment or dealing with storm water control, or just insulating our structures with green roofs. This integration and understanding for living things is where true sustainability begins. Living architecture is positive proof of this, which defines our grace and ingenuity by integrating architecture and the landscape with infrastructure and the environment.

My mission as an artist is to make visually interesting pictures about what a wonderful world we live in, so others might also have similar response, and possibly contribute to a more sustainable world. Positive and profound change comes about when groups of people work together to implement their vision. These images celebrate and share this vision.

Brad Temkin

Jason Florio

Brad Temkin (American, b.1956) teaches photography at Columbia College Chicago. Temkin's photographs have been widely exhibited throughout the United States and abroad, and are in several permanent collections including the Art Institute of Chicago, Milwaukee Art Museum, Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Akron Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Photography among others. Temkin's images have appeared in such publications as Aperture, Black & White Magazine, TIME Magazine, and European Photography. A monograph of Temkin's work was published in 2005 entitled "Private Places: Photographs of Chicago Gardens”.