Giovanni Savino | Slow Photography

This body of work was produced while seeking a slower, holistic approach to photography, antithetical to my current digital practice.

I used a wooden 4x5 field camera, loaded with 3 ASA direct positive paper, I processed it on location, using coffee. I was developing an idea which had intrigued me for a long time: portraits with closed eyes.

These paper images, without a reproducible negative, break a long-established rule of portraiture: by eliminating the reciprocal eye connection between the subject and the viewer, they might open a path to an alternative, understudied exploration of the human face.

Giovanni Savino


Giovanni Savino never received any formal photographic training but loved and practiced photography from the moment he discovered an old shoebox of yellowing pictures on the kitchen table in his grandparents’ house in Tuscany, Italy. His passion for photography is about documenting and preserving oral culture. The main subjects of his personal work have been unsung heroes: everyday people.

At sixteen, Savino started working in film and television alongside some of the best photographers, producers and journalists, such as Dan Rather, Morley Safer and Ed Bradley.

Savino splits his time between New York City and the Caribbean.