Peter Wiklund head

I am a late arrival to my own photography.

I spent thirty-five years in the commercial photographic industry as a studio photographer and photo lab owner. To this end, my time was devoted to making images for others. But in the past few years, in the semi-retired commercial photographic life that I now lead, I have rediscovered my own photography through the use of plastic cameras. I think of using plastic cameras as sort of a therapy, a cure for the super sharp, detailed color images that dominated my professional past.

The commercial imagery has now been replaced for the most part by blurry black & white images. These images are evocative of memories and dreams for me and allow me to create my own personal photographic past that I missed for the last few decades. I find that plastic optics, rather than super sharp modern lenses, are wonderful tools for recording places as memories. As I get older and have less of a future and much more of a past, I'm storing up these half-remembered moments quickly these days, making up for lots of lost time.

Jim Rohan