Peter Wiklund head

The first camera I ever used was a film camera, a Vivitar 110 that I received for Christmas as a child in the 1980s. But it wasn’t until 2007, when a dear friend gave me an old Holga, that I began to work with toy cameras as a serious artistic outlet.

I’ve long been fascinated by the marvelous photos from the Pictorialism movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Certain photographers began to use their cameras as an artist's tool; to create personal expressions of visual beauty instead of simply documenting exactly what they saw. To me the images they created feel less like photographs than like glimpses of other people’s dreams. The simple and sometimes flawed designs of the plastic cameras that I use (Holgas, Dianas, and now a Pouva Start as well), combined with a variety of medium format films (often expired), enable me to create images that also feel dreamlike. But in this case, those dreams are mine.

Maika Keuben