Peter Wiklund head

I'm a freelance photographer and lomographer, born in Gifu, Japan, in 1974. My extensive experience as a photographer, lab-operator and graphic designer led me to continue my career as a freelancer, using the name Hodachrome.

I first came into contact with the Lomo LC-A (the signature “toy” camera) in 2007, and soon became obsessed with the infinite and magical possibilities of this small 35mm film camera. My joy of experimentation not only focuses on multiple exposures (all done in camera), and various types of film (including my own homemade redscale, and cross-processing slide film), but extends to other experimental techniques such as exposing both sides of the film (EBS), and using film-soup, (obtaining unique effects by adding chemical reaction into film) etc.

Having built up a worldwide following with my work, I like to collaborate and to teach my techniques to others through a photography school and various workshops. My photo books and prints are available for sale.

Hodaka Yamamoto   hodachrome on flickr