Peter Wiklund head

I’m Peter Wiklund from Sweden. I started with photography in the mid 80’s, and have ever since experimented with a lot of techniques and cameras.

   Nowadays, I mainly use different plastic and pinhole cameras. These tools add a moment of chance into my photography, something that is very important to me. There are lots of beautiful mistakes that can happen, and I guess they add a sort of genuineness to the images.

   I have some ongoing series of self portraits but otherwise I very seldom photograph people. I am more interested in nature, with some favourite spots like a burnt forest close to Stockholm and the Swedish island Gotland.

   I use film, obviously, and sometimes make my own prints. I have used alternative techniques like cyanotype and photopolymer gravure, which can enhance the expression even further. But then again, a digital print can be very nice as well.

Peter Wiklund