Jesús Joglar

I discovered pinhole photography by chance. In 2007, during the "International Year of Science" I received a number of emails about workshops in Spain, and one of them included a DIY pinhole camera cutout model. I did not get around building one at that point, but a seed was firmly planted in my brain and two years later I discovered the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. The activities included a couple of workshops, to be held in a Community Civic Center of Barcelona. The pinhole workshop was sold out, so I ended up in a solargraphy workshop, in which I discovered a different way of doing pinhole long exposure shots. I was hooked!

   Everything since then has changed my way of looking at photography. I NEED pinhole photography – it makes me THINK before I make a picture. I have to STUDY the peculiarities of each camera before getting used to it. That's the most rewarding way of making photographs. Recently, a friend of mine made me a very nice and intriguing present, a 100 cards "game" (based on Brian Eno & Peter Schmidt's "Oblique Strategies"). The first card in the box made me laugh out loud. It said: "Do we need holes?"

Jesús Joglar   Light Through a Hole