Returning to the Land.
A Visual Memory of a Mining Town

Chuquicamata is currently the largest open pit copper mine in the world, and is located in the highplains of the Andes, in the Atacama Desert, which is one of the dryiest places of the world. This mining town has the same name, and it has been working for over 90 years. The workers of the mine have been relocated into the nearest town, Calama, 15 km away from Chuquicamata. There are two reasons for this to happend, one is an environmental, the pollution affected the life of the workers, and the other is an economic reason for the company. Behind this decisions, theres a life of a litlle town of 25 thuosand people that is ending, everything is going to be burried under the dirt of the copper production.

– Cristian Ureta