This body of work was created on the northern side of the border where the human tide flows and contradictions abound. I traveled the border in search of cultural phenomena and found that the border is but an idea, a negotiation between people taking sides. With this work, I was drawn to the margins of towns and edges of deserts in search of the border’s vernacular character.

I moved from town to town as an anonymous visitor and met people who wanted to escape, to disappear, managing to find comfort in the harshness of the desert. As I wandered about this region I always had a sixth sense of Mexico. Down south, the line is vague with families and traditions straddling both worlds; the line is infused with the frontier traditions of guns and bibles struggling to reconcile with the Feast of Guadalupe and Día de los Muertos. In an era where fear makes policy, an impenetrable fence is being built to stop the northern flow, but fences are full of doors when dreams move people.

– Jeffrey Aaronson